"28 Days to Timeliness" eBook by Davonne Parks

What if you could improve years of late habits in just 28 days?

Are you tired of being the person who’s always late?
Do you wish other people could depend on you?

What if you could improve years of late habits in just 28 days?

This mom thinks you can:

“I’m notorious for being late so this book was a great find for me! As a Mom of two children under two, I don’t have much time to sit down and relax, much less read a book. However this book was addicting and I couldn’t put it down. Davonne’s personal stories make you feel like you really know and can relate to her. The book gives you a goal at the end of each chapter which is something that you can work on one day at a time until you too become a ‘Semi-Reformed Late Person.'” Lara Rodriguez

With the Help from this eBook, You’ll Be Able To:

Learn the real reasons people are late (and it’s not because of the traffic!).
Know how much time you really need to get ready each day.
Take charge of your schedule.
Manage your time so you can be on time.
Create and utilize the Grab-and-Go System.
Throw out energy-stealing clutter that contributes to lateness.
Work towards being on time even when plans go awry.
Hold family members responsible for becoming more timely.
Encourage late friends without enabling them.
Enjoy spontaneity and freedom within boundaries.

Even incredibly organized people like Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom glean good information from this book:

“Davonne and I might as well be two peas in a pod. She gets me. I laughed at her stories (I even shared her hilarious wearing PJs to church story with my husband — who thought it was so funny that he shared it at a recent family gathering!). I nodded my head in agreement with so many of her points. And I picked up new practical ideas for overcoming lateness.” Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom

In addition to 28 easy-to-read chapters, 28 Days to Timeliness is further broken down into well-organized sections.

Section One – Lay the Groundwork
Section Two – Manage Your Time
Section Three – Get Organized
Section Four – When the Problem Isn’t You
Section Five – A Step Further

What Other People are Saying:

“As a very timely person, I really enjoyed this book. I love love love the story of wearing PJs to church! Although I am rarely late, I really benefited from this book. I appreciated what Davonne had to say about why late people are late. I love that she didn’t offer excuses for her lateness, but rather took responsibility for it and committed to work on that. I think her advice is great, even for us timely folks. Most of all, her book helped me to understand my late friends and to give them more grace and encouragement.” Lisa Grimenstein

“My wife is a late person and I am an early person. I read this book since I wanted to better understand my wife’s spirit of lateness. In 28 Days to Timeliness, Davonne explains the psyche of the late person and presents many practical strategies that I can use to help my wife in a supportive and nurturing manner.” Paul Gartman

“As a mother and wife who works full time outside of the home, life for me can get extremely hectic. I found this book to be a breath of fresh air in my chaotic life. The author’s realistic approach to getting organized is one that even the busiest person can stick to. Openly sharing her own experiences during her reform makes this book not only educational but extremely enjoyable. I highly recommend this fantastic read and I am excited to start putting her tips into practice.” Crystal Hogsten

“Over the years I have read many books on timeliness, organization, and multiple other self-help books. This fresh new look on the topic of timeliness was just what I needed!” Tina Dawn

“There truly can be ‘heart issues’ as the writer talks about, as to why people tend to be late. Davonne Parks looks at the positive traits of late people and gives great remedies for becoming a person who arrives on time. This book is insightful, clear, helpful, easy, and fun to read! Davonne shares from her life experiences of being a late person, and they are inspirational, relevant, and in some instances quite humorous!” Carol Gartman

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